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101 Only known as Gallion; but this was apparently her married name after having Harold Frake, Jr. with Harold Frake. She left soon after his birth and he was raised by his grandmother. ROWE Anita (I01030)
102 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CRONIN P.J. (I0115)
103 Per Roberta Pearl Fornal (Keller), he was Chief of Police. KELLER Perry Page (I362)
104 POW Information:
Stalag Luft I

Stalag Luft I Online, Page M Listing of POWs
Stalag Luft I Online, Roommates North 1 Compound Barrack 7 Room 11 
MURTHA Regis J (I2408)
105 She had a great sense of fun, loved a party. She made everybody stop talking if "Peg of My Heart" came on the radio (she considered it "her" song). KEARNS Margaret Ellen (I01404)
106 She was a member of the Felician Sisters of Moon Township for 67 years. Sister Mary FORNAL Claudia (I272)
107 Thomas served in the military, serving in the Korean War during the late 1940s. CRONIN Thomas John, Sr. (I0113)
108 US Navy WWII OBROCTO Frank J (I228)
109 When Michael died at 52 years old, he left nine children ranging in age from 7 to 21 during The Great Depression years, six years before our entering into World War II.  CRONIN Michael Joseph (I0107)
110 World War I Captain

From: A Record of the Ancestry and Descendants of John Jacob Zundel known as Jacob Zundel
Prepared and Published by Glen F. Harding, M.D.

P. 368
"Captain James E. Zundel is commemorated by having the American Legion Post at Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, named after him."

Captain Zundel 1888-1918, was a World War I casualty in France.

History of the 110th Infantry (10th Pennsylvania) of the 28th Division, USA 1917-1919
Published by the Association of the 110th Infantry, Pennsylvania 1920
Copyright 1920 by Henry W. Coulter, Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Press of Pittsburg Printing Company, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

July 20 1918:

Field Hospital No. 112, Chateau Thierry, France
"GSW left thigh and left leg. Died July 30, 1918."
Buried in grave No. 11, A.E.F. Cemetery, Chateau Thierry, France, by Field Hospital Co. No. 112, 103rd San. Tr. 28th Div.

Statement given by 1st. Lt. John J. Downes, Co. E, 110th Inf.
"Capt. Zundel was hit by high explosive fragment at Courmont, France, on July 30, 1918, and died at Chateau Thierry, France, at night during an operation." 
ZUNDEL James E (I0189)
111 World War II Documentation

Registration Date: October 16 1940
Registration Number: 676

Draft Number: 4995

Called to Service: Jul 08, 1941 US Army

July 12, 1941
Private (Field Artillery)
Ft. Bragg, North Carolina

October 14, 1941
Ft. Sam Houston, Texas

2nd Lieutenant (Engineer School)
Ft. Belvoir, Virginia

1st Lieutenant
Camp Ellis

Russell Island, Solomon Island Chain
Estimate: August 1943 - April 1944 to Discharge

Discharge: February 17, 1945

"He was in charge of an all-black regiment."
Anne Elizabeth Cronin (Fornal) 
CRONIN Charles Felix (I0103)
112 [Family Tree Kristen.FTW]

Grandma and Grandpa dated 4 years before they got married. 
HANES Hildagard Marie (I01067)

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