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 Elusive People

Surname: ROWE / Anita A

We're finding information difficult to come by.

We know that she was born in Connecticut, New London. We also know when she was born and where she died.

She is the mother to Harold FRAKE Jr. She left after he was born and he was raised by his grandmother. We're told that even Harold knew little about her.

Later, Anita married Scott Gallion (who I have a fair bit of information on, though no marriage information).
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Surname: DUDA / Mary

We were told that they are from (Krakoff or Warsaw)/Poland but recent information points to Austria.
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MURTHA / Father John F, O.S.B.

I've got some great information on Father John ... I'd love to find more!
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MURTHA / Regis J

I'd love to find a photograph and/or more information. Regis was apparently a POW in Germany during WWII. I've got him documented fairly well, but the story intrigues me.
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Surname: MURTHA / Sister Theodosia

We've been able to track down some information on Sister Theodosia, but it is limited. We know that there are a few good photographs of her out there.
Surname: Murtha / Mary Margaret

Mary Margaret Murtha Waida "Pat O'Hara"

 Mystery Photos

COSTABILE Dominic in Zazzaro's Band

We cannot remember which one is Dominic.
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