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Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania



Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALTMAN Anna Maria  30 Mar 1781Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2620
2 ALTMAN Charles D  Mar 1886Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2762
3 ALTMAN Christina  9 Aug 1795Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2626
4 ALTMAN Daniel  6 Apr 1812Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I347
5 ALTMAN Eliza Jane  9 Mar 1873Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2771
6 ALTMAN Jacob Dickson  7 Dec 1869Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I695
7 ALTMAN Mary  21 Feb 1792Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I348
8 ALTMAN Sabina  13 Oct 1793Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2625
9 ALTMAN Sarah A  Sep 1893Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2798
10 HITCHMAN Andrew  Abt 1794Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I322
11 ISEMAN Johannes Eisenman  27 Jun 1797Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2727
12 ISOLA Rose Rachel  23 Mar 1908Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2844
13 REGA Olive  20 Mar 1900Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2858
14 SMITH Amanda K  16 Jul 1861Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I23
15 ZUNDEL Henry W (B)  28 Apr 1847Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I43
16 ZUNDEL Jacob Armel (Zundle)  30 Jun 1849Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I44
17 ZUNDEL John M  16 Apr 1839Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I40
18 ZUNDEL Leah E  24 Apr 1841Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I41
19 ZUNDEL Martha Ann  1 Jun 1837Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I39
20 ZUNDEL Mary C  12 Jun 1845Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I42
21 ZUNDEL Oliver G  29 Dec 1853Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I45
22 ZUNDEL Sarah Emma  30 May 1857Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I46


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALTMAN Anna Maria  19 Jan 1837Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I01255
2 ALTMAN Barbara Eleanor  1920Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I596
3 ALTMAN Carrie Elizabeth  1870Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I692
4 ALTMAN Catherine  11 Nov 1834Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I1888
5 ALTMAN Christina  11 Nov 1834Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2616
6 ALTMAN David  30 Nov 1857Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I335
7 ALTMAN David A  2 Oct 1903Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I588
8 ALTMAN Jacob  Jul 1880Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I345
9 ALTMAN Jacob A  1927Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I594
10 ALTMAN Johann Wilhelm  Apr 1798Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2587
11 ALTMAN John  Sep 1858Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I342
12 ALTMAN Justina Magdalena  1790Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I1854
13 ALTMAN Mary  21 Feb 1854Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I348
14 ALTMAN Susanna  11 Nov 1834Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2611
15 BARNHART Sarah Amanda  6 Feb 1880Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I29
16 BENTZ Anna  1750Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I1862
17 BINGAMAN Margaret Ann  27 Oct 1889Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I670
18 FRANCK Maria Barbara  30 Mar 1820Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I1874
19 ISOLA Domenic Michael  14 Feb 1942Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2857
20 ISOLA Orlando Anthony  20 Oct 1968Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2861
21 ISOLA Rose Rachel  11 Jan 1991Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2844
22 KUNKLE John Laurie  1921Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I608
23 LAUFFER Anna Maria  11 Apr 1837Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I1883
24 MILLER George Martin, I  1808Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I638
25 REGA Olive  29 Aug 1984Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2858
26 RIGGLE Susanna  13 Oct 1867Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I336
27 SHOLL Maria Barbara  1800Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I338

Military Service

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 ZUNDEL Arthur W  30 Apr 1941Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania I2381


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALTMAN / MEYERS  1865Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania F236
2 BAUGHMAN / MILLER  1805Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania F213
3 BAUGHMAN / WENTZEL  14 Dec 1837Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania F212
4 EISAMAN / ALTMAN  15 Feb 1785Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania F573
5 EISENMANN / ALTMAN  1791Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania F801
6 HITCHMAN / MCCREADY  Jan 1818Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania F26
7 MILLER / ALTMAN  1790Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania F590
8 SHUPE / HITCHMAN  27 Feb 1840Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania F161
9 ZUNDEL / BAUGHMAN  Abt 1859Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania F131