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Henrich Baughman and wife, Agnes, had at least 3 children: Anna Catharina who married Philip Wohnsidler in 1758; Johan who married Maria Barbara Franck in 1761; and Henrich who married Anna Catharine Kunckle about 1764. The births and baptisms of most of the children of Anna Catharina, Johan, Henrich and spouses are found in the "Church Record of St. Paul's Lutheran Church (often called "Six-Cornered Church"), Upper Hanover Township, Montgomery County, Pa." These births are also listed in "Pennsylvania Births: Montgomery County; 1682-1800" by John T. Humphrey, Humphrey Publications, Washington, D. C., 1993.

When Henrich, Agnes and children arrived in what was then Philadelphia County around 1746, and as far as we know at this time, they settled in the area called "Goshenhoppen" and attended the Old Goshenhoppen Lutheran Church near Woxall, Upper Salford Township. In the "Records of the Lutheran Congregation at Old Goshenhoppen; Upper Salford Township , Montgomery County, Pa., 1751-1937", Republished from "The Perkiomen Region Volumes I, II, and III and the translations of Raymond E. Hollenbach with an every-name Index by Trudy Wubbels and Harry C. Adams, Adams Apple Press, PO Box E, Bedminster, PA 18910, 1996" can be found that "Names of Single Women., Baughman, Anna Catharina, daughter of Henrich Baughman...On Nov. 4, 1751... came to the Lord's Supper ...conducted by His Reverence, Mr. Henrich Melchior Muhlenberg (pg.15)". Then, "...1752 on Dec. 3.," ...the first communion...IV Names of the single women., Baughmann, Anna Cathar., daughter of Henrich Baughman, at George Weickert's" (pg. 16). George Weickert was a tavern owner and Anna Catharina may have been a servant of his. On Palm Sunday, 1753 listed in the" Names of single daughters" is " Baughmann, Anna Catharina" (pg. 18).

Church attendance then jumps to "Communicants Dec. 25. 1757. Feast of the Nativity...Baughman, Agnes, Widow., Baughman, John, her son" (pg.30). And then " Communicants March, 1758. Palm Sunday.,...Baughman, Agnes., Baughman, Henrich, her son" (p.30). The two final records follow: "Dec. 25,1757, at the I Feast of the Nativity, after personal instruction and examination, Johann, son of Henry Baughman, deceased, and Agnes in New Goshenhopppen, was confirmed, out ot the regular order" (pg. 35). "March 19, on Palm Sunday, the following were confirmed: Baughman, Henrich, aged 16 years on next Easter, F. Henry Baughman, deceased, and Agnes" (pg. 35).

I was recently able to attain a copy of "The Perkiomen Region, Past and Present", by the Perkiomen Publishing Company, Henry S. Dotterer, Editor, Volumes I, II, and III ( The Entire Publication Run of 36 Issues) September 1894- April 1901--Republished 1994 Adams Apple Press, PO Box E, Bedminster, PA 18910. 215-795-2149. In "Vol. III, No. 7., "The Perkiomen Region, Past and Present. Perkiomen Publishing Co., 1605 N. Thirteenth Street, Philadelphia, November, 1, 1900., Henry S. Dotterer, Editor". Mr. Dotterer made available snippets of David Shultze's Journal and says of David Shultze: "The second half of the year 1757, Mr. Shultze records minutely the operations of his farm,...The death of persons well known to him, Mr. Shutze usually records in German. He notes these:...October 2, in the night, Henry Baughman, carpenter, died after two weeks illness" (pg 374).

Mr. Dotterer then goes on to David Shultz's actual German notes..."[October, 1757]...Den 2ten zu nacht ist der Henrich Baughman der Zimmerman gestorben noch 2 Wochen Krangheit. Wurd den 4ten begraben. Text, 2 Cor. 5 Cap,v. 1,2. Wie ein Strohm begint zu rinnen und mit lauffen nich haelt innen. So laufft unser Zeit von hinnen" (pg 381). I think it says he was buried on Oct 4 and gives the scripture read. The last lines are from a Bach chorale or cantata written by poet/composer Michael Franck of Nurenburg, Germany in 1652. The English translation is: Ah how fleeting, ah how insubstantial is man's life, Soon as a mist arises And so soon vanishes again, so is our life, see! Mr. Schultz must have held Henrich Baughman in high esteem to have added this poem by Michael Franck to his journal. And just a few years after his father's death, Johan married Maria Barbara Franck (these are my Grandparent ancestors). David Schultz also surveyed Henrick and Anna Catharine Kunkle Baughman's lands in Marlborough Township, Philadelphia County bought from the Penn brothers in 1775 (which they never left until they came to Westmoreland County in the middle 1780's).

There is no mention of where Henrich Baughman is buried in Montgomery County, but I like to think he and Agnes are buried in the Old Goshenhoppen Churchyard. I've been there and it's a well-kept pastoral place. Not one more word on Agnes in the books though. I still think it strange that none of her children named a daughter Agnes. And I don't know where Henrich and Agnes lived. But we now have this treasure, and maybe more will be found of David Shultz's notes.

Shirley Baughman Miller (2009)

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